Why 2Five

An online sports recruiting profile is crucial to connecting with college coaches. NCAA Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 and NAIA coaches search for talented athletes every day to evaluate an athlete’s abilities and award athletic scholarships. 2FiveSports helps you to be seen by and connect with these coaches, with the goal of getting you recruited.


College Coaches can contact your Coach or 2Five Sports via email. Your personal contact information will be kept private by 2Five Sports and, for your safety, only given to the College Coach upon verification of their credentials.

The NCAA is by far the largest collegiate athletic association in the U.S. with well over 1,000 schools in its fold. Divisions I, II, and III serve to demarcate the sizes and monetization of athletic programs: formal athletic scholarships can be extended to athletes that play for Div I and II schools, but not for athletes in Div III schools. The NCAA’s list of athletic scholarships is separated into categories: Undergraduate, Post-Graduate; and then further separated by Division.


College coaches do not have enough in their budget to evaluate and recruit over 5 MILLION high school athletes across the country and outside the US. Qualified athletes miss out on scholarships because they haven’t done enough to get recruited. You must not only be a good athlete, you MUST also make sure you are eligible according to NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA rules.


Many athletes wait until their senior year to start the recruiting process. They think college letters will just start showing up at the coaches office or in their mailbox. This does not happen. Coaches look for athletes who have put together a strong academic and athletic resume. We recommend starting the process in the 7th grade.


Coaches ALWAYS look for athletes who academically qualified to attend their school. You must make sure you are qualified. Also create a great profile. A great profile includes, picture, your sport(s), position(s), Stats, (height,weight) GPA, ACT/SAT, Honors/Awards. Your profile is a Resume for coaches to offer you a scholarship. So make sure it’s accurate and up to date.


These services can save you time and money by making sure coaches get the athletes information in an easy to read format. Some recruiting services may match athletes up with coaches that they have a relationship with. Or by the level of college that is right for the athlete. It is 2Fivesports goal, to help every athlete get recruited. If you decide to use a college recruiting service, make sure you use a compliant service. 2Fivesports is a NCAA Compliant Recruiting Service.